How To Automatically Solve That Annoying CAPTCHA On Every Website?

by Ultron

In Today’s modern website you see CAPTCHA on almost every website where you have to login. And exclusively on the websites where like URL shortener.
CAPTCHA is used as a security measurement to keep the website safe from various kinds of attacks mostly from the DDOS attacks.
but when you visit a website for multiple times and it ask you to solve the captcha every single time it becomes very annoying and sometimes a difficult Captcha May take time to solve it.

So in this article I am going to tell you a simple way to bypass this CAPTCHA and another way to automatically solve this CAPTCHA

1] Privacy Pass

Privacy pass is a Chrome extension which you have to install it on your Chrome browser, you can use this extension on Chrome browser or any kind of Browser which uses a Chrome as a default built-baseband version (any Chrome built). After installing you just how to click on the extension and it will ask you to solve a one CAPTCHA . After solving it you will get 50 passes, this means that for the next 50 CAPTCHA images you don’t have to solve any of them you will just have to click on the CAPTCHA and this extension will automatically solve it.
Download Here: Chrome | Mozilla FireFox

2] Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans

Another way to solve this captcha is by using a Chrome extension known as a captcha solver, unlike the previous extension privacy pass , you don’t have to solve any captcha to get passes instead it will automatically detect the CAPTCHA image and once you clicked on it a popup will appear this will automatically solve the CAPTCHA image and if it fails it will relaunch itself and try to understand the audio CAPTCHA by using the advanced audio recognition Technology. and will solve the CAPTCHA for you!

I have been using this to Chrome extension for long time and I must say that this Chrome extensions made my life for so much easier and better while interacting the website which has a capture embedded in it, espcially those annoying URL Shortening services with Captcha.

Download Here: Chrome | Mozilla FireFox

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