10 Must Chrome Extension Every Developer Must Have!

by Om

Chrome is not just a browser but if you’re a developer it’s a big tool for your development. Chrome is also filled with tons of more amazing and awesome features that will enable you to work faster on your projects and also increases your productivity too. You can maximize your productivity by using these Chrome extensions.

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So without wasting any of your time, let’s dive into Chrome extensions that every developer must have! [Click on extension name to download]

1] Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer extension of the browser is a profiler of technology that tells you what websites and web applications are made of. Basically it tell you what technology is used by website for it’s construction, are you curious about what tools, frameworks, libraries of Javascript and more are used to build a website or web application? then you should have this extension.

2] Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome Extension

What an odd name for an extension. What is done is far from strange, however. It is awesome. This extension of the browser adds a small toolbar button with different web developer resources related to images, forms, etc. it’s pretty much handy while you are developing something!

3] What Font

what font chrome extension

It has never been easier to know what font a website is using. You can inspect web fonts with this extension by only hovering on them The services used to support web fonts are also detected. Typekit and Google Font APIs are supported.

4] Web Developer Checklist

The extension of allows to evaluate and search a websites or web applications for inspection of web design best practices. and tells you a items missing and available from a web development checklist. Pretty awesome extension if you want to be a good web developer.

5] CSS Viewer

this browser extension allows it so easy to access an element’s CSS properties by just hovering over it. It is very similar to the Code Cola extension in features. but I would rather prefer this due to its simplicity and features.

6] Pesticides

confused with box model and position? This one is for you. In CSS, this is the best way to picture box sizing. You see each element with pesticides as a box with borders around them. See how the part is influenced by the boundaries, margins, paddings and more. That’s a pretty good extension.

7] Octotree

Octo Tree Chrome

This extension facilitates feedback and exploration of Github code. Some features such as dark mode(My fav), code font setting, book labeling, sidebar docking, etc are added to that. In Github, Octotree feels more like Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ like IDE theme!

8] Window Resizer

One of the most significant aspects of development is responsive web design. In order to mimic different system resolutions, this extension lets you re-size the browser’s window. It allows web designers and developers to test various browser resolutions for their layouts.The list of resolutions (add/delete/re-order) is entirely customizable. You can set the width/height of the window, the position of the window, the preset icon (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), and even the option to add the new dimensions to the window as a whole or just the viewport.
It also provides customizable global key shortcuts, an option to export your settings to another machine and import them! Pretty amazing extension.

9] Check My Link

This browser extension is a link checker that scans for broken links and crawls via your website. For web developers working on a web application or website with many connections, it is well adapted. It saves you the stress of looking for broken ties manually. This highlights the links that are broken, valid, redirected to another page and more for you.

10] ColorZilla

This is an extension of the browser that assists web developers and graphic designers with tasks related to color. To get all the data related to its color, simply hover over an element in a website or application. A Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and much more are included….
Color By Fardos is very close to that. another good extension

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