10 Best Productivity Websites On The Internet You Must Know!

by Kartiki

Productivity matters a lot and if you are a beginner then you might get confused from where to start. Whenever we search for a particular website we get hell lot of options, among those which is helpful we do not know. Here are some of the best productivity websites from which you will gain knowledge on how to stay focused and ahead of others in a different aspect.

1.habitica.com(game that improve good habits)

Habitica is a self-development web-based application based on fun and easy gaming. In this game, the player score points when he/she achieve goals that were set by them if in case they failed to achieve those goals they lose their points. Goals can be positive or negative such as sleeping continuously for hours and procrastinating the work if you do so you will lose points. In this way, habitica helps in improving good habits.

2.todoist.com(task manager)

Todoist is an official website which develops self-confidence to organize your work in a proper manner. You can set reminders and schedule your tasks on the to-do list. It keeps you motivated and concentrated to complete your work before the due time.

3.lastpass.com(password vault)

LastPass is a free password manager application where you can store your cryptographic passwords online in a secure way. It is the safest app to generate passwords and store them for later use.

4.onedrive.live.com(access files from all devices)

Onedrive is a personal cloud storage application of Microsoft where you get 5Gb of additional free space to store your photos, videos, other documents and can access it from anywhere, anytime. Also, the files saved in your one drive are not visible to anyone unless you allow the sharing option.

5.thegrizzlylabs.com(portable scanner)

The Grizzly labs help you in your documentation work. They provide a free scanning app known as Genius scan in which you can scan your documents and various options such as smart page detection, composing or editing images to enhance it.

6.icecreamapps.com(free software applications)

Icecream Apps is a free software which has multiple applications such as video editor, screen recorder, PDF converter/editor, ebook reader.

Porductivity increasing website and tools for productivtiy
Productivity Increasing tools

7.slack.com(group project communication tool)

Slack is a business communication network where different channels are present, you can chat with people working in different organisation to solve your query. In this way, slack help people to find the best information regarding their applications and people can work together more effectively.

8.groupme.com(free group messaging)

GroupMe allows you to send free private or group messages to the people who are important for you. If you are not online or do not have an application it sends SMS/Text messages on your phone. You can share images, videos, documents, web links etc.

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9.tomato-timer.com(productivity timer)

Tomato-timer uses the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique is an ancient method to manage time with the help of timer which also includes a short relaxation break. In Tomato-timer this same technique is used for time management. It is customized, flexible and easy to use.

10.keepmeout.com(blocks distracting websites)

Addiction of certain websites such a Facebook, Instagram is increasing day by day in the youths to help you keep out from this addiction KeepMeOut is the best solution. This app restricts websites which are distracting you for a certain amount of time period which you want so that you can stay focus on your work and enjoy some quality time.

11.selfcontrolapps.com(blacklists distracting sites)

SelfControl apps help to distract you from your Smartphone. It blocks your own access to sites which are not important for you. You can not restart or undone the timer until the timer is run out. It helps to control the excessive use of social media.

That’s all for now, If you are interested in different websites, feel free to explore our 7 day 7 websites weekly series on YouTube:

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