15 Supercool Websites you must know !

by Om

Looking for some supercool websites around the internet world? we got you mate! The Internet is full of surprises! you never know what kind of websites you will find. There are thousands of websites out there on the internet which has a potential to the various kinds of task and make your life so much easier, sadly most of these websites don’t get much attention and lose focus.

So in this article I am going to tell you 15 useful websites
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1. Slides.com

Slides.com: tired of using Microsoft PowerPoint? Don’t like the complicated presentation? This website is for you to ate a beautiful presentation and send it or shared or broadcasted to anybody around The World!

2. Autodraw.com

autodraw is another cool website where you can literally whatever you want and it turns magically into things and objects. You can literally doodle whatever you want, on the top but you will get the suggestions.

3. Fast.com

Slow Internet?Ping issues? want to check the actual speed for internet and bandwidth ? Use this website. It’s simple and accurate.

4. Dictation.io

want to convert your speech into text like Google keyboard mic button ? This website can be very useful for this.

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5. Archive.is

This website allows you to take a screenshot for any website for a web page and save it forever. Now,this is not the police part the best part is even if the original article is related or modified, you will still have the original screenshot that you save till the end of the time! How cool is that?

6. Screenshot.guru

When you take a screenshot on mobile or on laptop will only get whatever present on the screen. But what if you want to take the full screenshot of the website well screenshot group exactly do that! Take a full feed screenshot of any website.

7. Reverse.photo

What to search for a photo on the internet? You can use Google images to reverse search a photo, this website is pretty much also helpful do check this out!

8. CodeAcademy and FreeCodeCamp

Learn coding by solving challenges and actually performing the real time programming task that too for free!

9. Noisli.com

Background music to increase your productivity? Sleep schedule? Or just to get out of boredom? This website has tons of music that will help you to do that.

10. Iconfinder.com & Flaticon & Icon8

The name itself is self-explanatory you can literally find millions of icons for your next project.

11. Copychar.cc

Your keyboard is limited to only English and specific characters, want to copy some cool looking character and emojis? This website allows you to do exactly that!

12. Pexels

Looking for some cool wallpapers? Just looking for some images for your next project presentation without any copyright issues this website is for you then!

13. Invideo.io

what to make a cool video online for your next project for YouTube on your website? Not only that but you can also make cool videos for your Instagram stories Facebook or any other thing check out this website! Alternative: animoto.com & biteable.com

14. WolframAlpha

Get a super easy step by step and sir to your homework, school projects literally anything!

15. Jotti.org

Downloaded a file from the internet and email attachments but not show it is a virus or genuine file? Scan a document or the attachment online using this website, you can also go for virustotal.com

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