18 Free Must Have Apps For College Students

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College Apps

College can be a tough place where you have to do like 1000 chores in 1 day! managing many task along with study and still manage to stay organize can be difficult but you can do that effectively only if you know these cool apps which will going to make your college life simple. So In this post, we are going to talk about some awesome Apps that every college student must have! With that being on the table, let’s dive into it!

Android Note-Taking Apps

1.Google Keep

Google keep is the free Google’s note-taking app. It is the easiest way to keep your notes secure and handy which you can use in future. It has so many advantages for students as well as teachers. It has amazing features such as voice typing, content sharing which includes audio, text, images, lists. You can install this app on your Android, Tablets, desktop or iPhone. One of the key features is that it keeps synchronising your data whenever you add something new across all of your devices so that you don’t miss anything. You can also set reminders according to your choices.

Download : Google Keep


Evernote is another good note-taking app but its basic version does not contain advance features it allows you to synchronize between only two apps, you can add up to 60Mb of new notes per month. It keeps your notes in a good manner and stores a record of each and everything which you might forget later. For simple notes, it works fine but for professional work, you’ll need to buy a premium which is not much worthy.

Download : Evernote


OneNote is Microsoft’s Digital note-taking app which gives you 5Gb size to store your notes without any limit and absolutely free of cost. You can access it over all your devices and it works great whether you are online or offline. Notes are automatically synchronised and stored in one drive. For using this app one must have Microsoft account. You can add your To-do lists, reminders and what not!

Download : OneNote

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Android Portfolio Apps


Weebly is an amazing website maker which creates a website, blogs or any online store. It has amazing features and the best part is it is completely free. Customized templates, domains are available and it has very easy to use tools which can be understood by anyone, no prior knowledge is required to use these tools.

Download : Weebly

2.Three Ring

Three Ring app is very useful for teachers as it allows them to manage students documents and other important things in a professional manner and also it is completely free. Teachers can create and share student portfolio securely. You can take pictures and videos of your class projects and upload them so that it will be easy to access anywhere at any time. It is a cool app that will allow you to digitalize student work quickly and easily.

Download : Three Ring


Seesaw aims at student participation which allows them to create artistic work from which teachers and their family members get to know how well their student/child is performing. Seesaw encourage students to create their own documents irrespective of their age and saves teachers time. This app is free and user-friendly.

Download : Seesaw

Android Presentation Apps

1.Google Slides

Google slides include hundreds of fonts, presentation themes, animations, videos, templates and many more for free. It also has pre-made presentations which help students to understand more clearly. Even when there is no connection you can access it all over your devices. Working in a team made easy with google slides as it allows you to work in the same presentation at the same time. Whichever changes you made are saved automatically, isn’t it great!

Download : Google Slides


Microsoft PowerPoint has important tools to create, edit, manage slideshow or a presentation. It is free to use but having Microsoft account is a must. This is an ideal tool to create a presentation, most of us use this tool for our college or office work, it is easy to use and synchronizes everything in your one-drive.

Download : PowerPoint

3.Prezi Viewer

It is a cool app that can help you to out-stand uniquely from others. Its basic version is free and you can access it whenever, wherever you want. It takes time to get used to this app unlike using PowerPoint and Google Slides but is amazing.

Download : Prezi Viewer

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Android Reference Apps


EasyBib is a research, note-taking and bibliography app, Its creator app in which you can create a bibliography for your research papers. Citing various websites, detecting plagiarism, grammatical errors are easily done through this. MLA, APA, and Chicago citing are very fast and accurate.

Download : EasyBib

2.Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a very good application which provides good quality of styles and citations such as MLA, APA, Harvard style and bibliographies. Plagiarism tool is also available. This app is free to all users.

Download : Cite This For Me


Mendeley generates references, bibliographies, citations in an easy manner. You can add research papers from any browsers and access it over all your devices whether it is Mac, Linux or Windows. Personalised recommendations are also available to give you an insight into what you are doing.

Download : Mendeley

Android Video Apps

1.Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto video editor provides lots of tools such as merge, crop, trim, rotate, split, flip videos, animations etc. You can add music from your library and save it almost in any format. Various effects are also available. It creates amazing videos and requires zero editing skills. However, the free purchase does not provide many themes but you can take a subscription for a better experience.

Download : Magisto Video Editor & Maker

2.Video Editor

Video Editor is a faster and easier way to create videos which you can directly publish on youtube or dropbox. You can create slideshow or project videos on your own with just basic methods. It is free to use and you need not need to be a pro editor for this.

Download : Video Editor

3.Animoto Video Maker

Animoto video maker is free to create and share your videos on various platforms. Teachers, students and professionals found this app very helpful and easy to use.

Download : Animoto Video Maker

Android Mind Mapping Apps


SimpleMind is available as a free edition and pro edition. The free edition is good to get started with mind-mapping. The free edition includes limited sources and subscription includes full functionality. You can access this app on Windows, Android, iPhone & Mac.

Download : SimpleMind


MindMeister offers a free trial and pricing starts at a very low cost. It is an online mind mapping software which allows you to brainstorm, envisage and share your ideas and thoughts through cloud. It is the leading tool and allows you to organize your notes professionally.

Download : MindMeister


Mindomo is an adaptable, correlational free version of mind mapping which also includes concept mapping and outlining. It works with google drive to store your ideas in a structured manner. It is an Ultimate mind mapping tool for students.

Download : Mindomo

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