7 Products Under 1000 Every Techie Must Have!

by Ultron

It’s technological warfare out there, wondering what can you get under 1000 bucks? we have got you a list of products that every technological lover must have!

We did a research on which products are best and their rating so you don’t have to worry about buying them and making sure whether it’s good or not.

1] TP-Link Wireless Adapter

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TP-Link WiFi Repeater

Need wifi but don’t have enough range? you can buy this repeater and get the range for long-distance wifi too! Also if you are a hacker/pentester and want to hack wifi, this one is pretty much handy and will get your work done.
Get : Purchase Here

2] Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

Want to experience everything in Virtual reality? then you should definitely check this VR set. at just around 2,199 This VR set will give you one of the best and premium VR set experience. I know this is twice than 1000 bucks but trust me after using this you will love the premium features and quality of this
Get Product: Procus ONE VR

under 1000
Procus VR Set

3] pTron Bassbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Ptron Bass Buds Wirelss Earphones

It’s a time that we should all stop using wired headphones and switch to wireless buds, neckband is a pretty much good option but it’s a little old now, in today’s world what’s trending is wireless buds, You can buy these Ptron Buds under 1000 at just Es.999 and trust me it’s worth it, the sound quality and Mic is pretty neat at this price
Get Product: Ptron Buds Here [Rs. 999]
Got more Budget: Try these Buds [Rs.1499]

4] Mi 10000mAH Power Bank

Powerbank is essential, no matter if you are traveling or at home, it’s always a good option to have a power bank that charge your cellphone quickly and last’s for a long time, while most of the power banks are good they are not long-lasting so I have specifically included this Mi Powerbank which is pretty much good and lasts long
Get Here: Mi PowerBank

If you are against Chinese products and don’t want to buy Mi Products then below is alternative for you [Ambrane Powerbank which is Indian]

Get Product: Ambrane Power Bank

5] boAt Deuce USB 300 2 in 1 Type-C & Micro USB Cable

boAt Charging Cable 2 in 1

If you are one of like me, I break too many charging cables and misplace them and mostly leave them tangle! also, my charging port is far so I need a long charging too. Well thanks to this bOAt cable I can now use this without any hassle, It comes with Type C & Micro USB, is 1.5M long and tangle-free, and more to that it comes with a special coating to it’s very rough and tough and will last for years.
Get Product: bOAt Deuce cable
Get More: BoAt Cable

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6] Infinity Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are necessary for these days, whether you are out with friends or just sharing a party with your buddies you will need loud music or even if you are at home! so there are many Bluetooth speakers out there and it’s difficult to choose so we have an Infinity Speaker for you which provides a pretty much good music sounds, it’s durable and best for this price
Get Product: Infinity Bluetooth Speaker

7] Cosmic Byte Gaming Headphones with Mic

Gaming Headphones

If you are a gamer and need a good sound quality headphones with absolutely no sound delay, a good speaker, and cool looks with very high-quality performance then cosmic Byte gaming headphones are best for you! the price is little more than 1000 bucks but trust me, the quality is soo good that you won’t mind paying for this.
Get Product: Cosmic Gaming Headphones

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