An Operating System Dedicated To Dark Web Only | Accessing The Dark Web Safely.

by Ultron

In the previous article and in my videos I have talked a lot about Deep and dark web there are so special article on how to stay anonymous Honda fit you can use a tor browser or you can use any VPN but there are chances that most of you are using operating systems like Kali Linux Ubuntu Windows or Mac OS now when it comes to Windows it is the most one of the most vulnerable operating system if there is a possibility of DNS leak any kind of a single Ek there are chances that your IP address can be tracked by anyone and they could happen to your Windows operating system.when you are visiting some websites like present on dark or deep it is most essential to stay anonymous so in this article I am going to tell you about an Operating system which is totally dedicated to deep and dark web browsing

BEFORE proceeding to that here are the possibilities where a hacker can access your data present in a Windows or any other operating system by using commands

password username your personal file your computer lock your computer resolution screen battery percentage what are your cookies cookies telling SQL access to a personal file access to recycle p executing some vulnerable commands executed in any kind of RAT


Tail-OS operating system is a Linux distribution which is completely done by focusing on accessing Deep and dark websites the main purpose of this operating system is to stay anonymous On The Deep and dark web and protecting the users privacy this operating system is also loaded with some features which are already present in the Linux distribution it also has a Python Java and other programming languages free install on the desktop Manu 3 items that is a tor Browser for accessing deep end of the tour manual and browser. the best part about this operating system that it has a tor network enabled in it so if you are not planning to go on a deep and dark web but still you prefer to start on you must you can enable the by default network in this operating system after enabling tor network all your traffic will be read out at 28 on network which bus ticket lekar connection of 3 VPN connections.

such that all your traffic will be encrypted and it provides a great layer of security also there any chance that your IP address or any kind of file get lead to the internet you are your report data and files will stay secured

Knownow that we have enough information about tell us let’s see how to install it.

assume that you already have a Windows or Ubuntu or any other operating system installed so you don’t want to make this still operating system as a default one so in this tutorial I am going to tell you how to use a tail operating system through USB

can you install any operating system through USB it is known as persistent operating system, all you have to do is install that operating system in your USB drive and adblock that USB drive into a computer done in this way you will be able to run different operating system in your computer or laptop.


1)Go to the official website of Tails OS and install the image file that is .iso from Here : Tails-OS

you can download .ISO image file by any downloader but if you are seeing that the speed is too slow go for the torrent network by using client like bittorrent or utorrent.

3)After downloading the ISO file you should see there are two files in the folder after that install the software from the given link,Download This software to make pendrive bootable

4) After installing the software run and select the USB drive{middle position} and the operating system {.iso file of tails OS you just downloaded}and then run the application and wait until it finishes, As shown in the image below

5) now just click on the finish button and wait for it to finish

6) when it will be finish, shutdown your computer don’t restart it, because it will not be able to boot from USB drive so shutdown remove the drive and instantly insert it before starting PC and press the following key depending upon your laptop, you will be able to see the number of different keys for BIOS  setup in the provided below: [make sure that your PC/laptop has enabled Boot from BIOS setup or else google how to do that]

Acer -Esc, F12, F9
Asus -Esc, F8
Clevo -F7
Dell -F12
Fujitsu -F12, Esc
HP -F9, Esc
Lenovo -F12, Novo, F8, F10
Samsung -Esc, F12, F2
Sony -F11, Esc, F10
Toshiba -F12
others… -F12, Esc  [Google for your Lpatop/PC if above not working.]

7)Now select the USB drive when by the BIOS setup is there

8)Done! now you will be able to see a screen of the tails operating system after clicking on it   you will be able to boot from USB and Tails OS Will be running. 

9)Now on the left hand side you will see a tor and you have to enable it after enabling you can use tor browser or simply click and run tor browser.

Bottomline: using tails opening system doesn’t make you completely anonymous on deep and dark web there are some possibilities like DNS leak which can reveal your IP address but using this operating system is a kind of protection so that the hacker won’t be able to steal your data of your clipboard passwords or anything related to that so I will suggest you to use this operating system to stay hidden and anonymous.

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