How To Decide Which Programming Language Is Best For You?

by Om

Programming is one of the most demanding skills these days. No matter from whichever background you have have a little bit of knowledge about the programming always adds the sugar to whatever you are cooking or in other words, it’s always a plus point to have knowledge about it. Not only that but programming also improves your overall problem-solving skills and helps you to deal with real-life problems too.

What Programming Language Is Best For You?

Well, there are literally thousands of programming languages out there and that’s the real challenge for the newbies trying to enter the field. The main question is which language you should learn? You can’t waste all of your time learning all the languages because even learning one single language is pretty much hard considering the frequent updates and best practices. So You should be careful while choosing your preference.

In this article, I am going to tell you “How To Decide Which Programming Language Is Best For You? “

How To Choose Best Programming Language For YOU!

Let’s get the few things straight up, You should focus on WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEARN PROGRAMMING. To Be :

  • Programming Developer
  • Build A Startup
  • Build Something Fun to automate task
  • Just as a skill

Programming Developer: If you are looking to launch yourself in the developer field you should consider what exactly you want to develop, Like Mobile apps, web apps, websites, or just programs. After that, you should consider insider stats of the jobs which are available on your region and skills in demand from websites like Linkedin, Indeed, Monster etc.

Startup: To launch your own startup first note down what tasks you want to perform, what problems you wish to solve, and the overall flow of it, then prepare a list, take a look at few articles and then make a list and start learning!

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For Fun or as a skill: You should follow the same procedure as above but since you are not doing anything specific just choose the language you love to code in. although keep in mind that do not choose outdated languages.

A Smarter Way

Well, you can always follow these old traditional ways to do this but this includes a lot of research, personal preference and to be honest this preference in industry changes very rapidly it’s highly dynamic in nature so I am going to tell you a smarter way to do that, which will save your time and research.

There is a cool website known as: bestprogramminglanguageforme

The Website Best-Programming-language-for-me will ask you questions like why do you want to learn to programming?, what are your end goal? similar kind of questions we have discussed earlier. You can see that in image below:

Programming Language is Best For You
Website’s Front Page

You’ll be asked the similar chain based questions depending upon your preference. it will analyze all the data and do the research for you on your behalf. and then will pick up the best programming language for you! How Awesome is that!

Visit The Website Here:

Note that this website is just analyse your preference and then give you output depending upon it. Always do check and then decide which language you want to learn.

That’s all for this post meanwhile feel free to explore our website and do follow us everywhere. Thanks for reading.

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