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by Om
Learn anything

Want to learn something awesome? well, how do you do that? Grab a Thick book and read all of it? make short notes from it? Udemy course? or simply go to Youtube and search for the tutorial? I don’t have any issue with these methods but see this will cost you money and you probably end up being wasting most of your time instead of actually focusing on learning the real thing.

Learning Books programming image
Thick books flooded with unnecessary things

I assume that you are just like all other people with no exception, Worry not! I used to be the same until I discovered this awesome trick. So in this article, I am going to tell you about how you can learn almost anything in just a few minutes instead of wasting your time on Hours of long udemy/Youtube tutorial or Thick Book.

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The Teaching Website

So, As I mentioned in the title there is a Teaching Website for all these things where you can learn almost anything without wasting your time and that too for absolutely FREE! How cool is that? the website’s name is

What is learnxinyminutes ?

As discussed earlier this is all about the learning of necessary things in just a few minutes of time instead of learning everything for details. It is a simple website where all the topics are mentioned on the front page alphabetically so, you can choose the topic you wish to learn, and on the other side, you will be able to the what languages is it available for the selected topic, YES! you can choose languages too.

Visit: LearnXinYminutes

LearnXinYmins website
LearnXinYmins website

Let’s explore this website a little more and I will choose Python to learn from this website, this will give you a complete well-documented format about the python topics and the syntax for it, not only that but at the end, You will also see the other reference links if you wish to explore and learn python in more details.

On the top, you will see the option of view the page in dark or regular light mode. Not only that but this is absolutely free and all the links at the bottom will take you to the reference article where you will be able to explore the topic in more detail. Those sources will also be FREE! Isn’t that awesome? so go and explore this awesome website and share a word about our website to your friends and everyone who is a techno-geek like you!

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