10 Best Website to Watch Free Movies & Series

by Kartiki
Free websites to watch movies

Internet is loaded with Free services, There are a lot of websites where you can watch Free movies LEGALLY! How awesome is that? Well most of you guys out there prefer pirated movie websites, In this article, I am going to tell you about the websites where you can watch movies and series for free without having to worry about piracy, Spoiler alert [ Netflix is not in the list!!!]

Websites To Watch Free Movies and Series

1.Popcorn Flix For Free Movies:

Popcorn Flix has over 1000 movies that can be watched online or downloaded that too without a subscription. The great thing is that by default the contents are shown based on popularity.

2.IMDb TV Tv& Series:

IMDb TV is owned by Amazon, it has wide information about movies such as cast, producers, critical reviews, rating, etc. It offers various movies and TV shows free of cost.

3.Hoopla Movies,web-series audiobooks:

On hoopla, one can stream online movies, web-series, audiobooks, music, etc. It is free but varies from user to user. It is supported on Android, Apple devices and Windows.

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Kanopy is totally free and the best platform where documentaries are also available. It is in huge demand and useful for children as well.


Youtube is the current trend. Everything is available on Youtube. Movies are free but mostly subscription is required. One can access youtube without having their own account. However there are many FREE Movie streaming channel to watch movies

Watch movies and series for free websites
Best Websites To Watch Free Movies


Veoh is a legal app protected by DMCA where you can watch free online movies, TV shows and independent productions of users. You can make money by uploading your videos and sharing them on Youtube and other platforms.

7.Classic Cinema Online:

Classic Cinema Online a combination of Action, Drama, Serials, Horror, Comedy that to completely free. Adults can take huge advantage of this app to watch their favourite classic and old movies.


CONtv has VIP as well as a free account. If you wish to watch ad-free films then VIP account is for you! CONtv provides access to behind the scenes of wizard world comic cons, TV serials, movies, etc.


On Vudu, you can rent, buy or watch movies online without any cost. It offers security and privacy.


Crackle is also a good platform to stream movies, TV serials. It has the latest movies and it has a joint venture with Sony Television.

That’s all for this post! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free to stream your favorite movies and series on these websites that too for legally! also Support us on YouTube. and other social media platforms.

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