How Hackers / OSINT Investigator Investigate Email Address

by Ultron
Email Osint Hacker

Emails are very common these days, everybody uses Email in their lives for day to day purpose, no matter if it was about to communicate with someone or just want to signup for a website, we all use Email daily and that’s why Hacker and OSINT investigator often target your email and use them to research against you!

In this post I am going to share all the resources used by hackers and OSINT folks in their work you will be shocked to know how much information just a single email can give about someone.

Often Hackers found these emails on a breach at companies or leaked database and then they start to do their work of investigation. Following are the tools which hacker/OSINT folks use to Investigate Email.

1] Hunter . io
2] MailTester
3] Central Ops
4] Voilanorber
5] Harvester
6] Email DNS
7] ThatsThem
8] DomainBigData
9] Whoxy
10] Haveibeenpwnd
11] Dehashed
12] MxToolBox
13] ReverseGenie
Email Investigation Tools

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