How To Hack Into Windows OS/ Crack Windows Password?

by Ultron

Recently I helped one of my friend to recover his forgotten Windows password by employing a number of totally different tools. Since A thought then came into my mind that just like him, there could be many people who want to access the windows password but they might have forgotten or unable to reset it, So In this article, I am going to show you the secret methods and tools used by information security experts or forensic department to Break Windows OS password.

I assume that some of you are highly expert in pentesting field or some of you might be new, So I am providing you the tools and ways which can be used by even a beginner level or noob/newbie.


Ophcrack offers one amongst the simplest free positive password recovery solutions within the market. Ophcrack comes in 2 versions: a stand-alone installer and a Live CD. The stand-alone installer needs you to in addition transfer separate rainbow tables whereas the Live CD already has them. because the stand-alone installer uses one. 5GB of rainbow tables, it offers far better recovery. However, the transfer size is definitely a difficulty. Also, the Live CD version could be a bit easier to use for cracking passwords.

To crack passwords with Ophcrack, transfer the iso file to the acceptable Live CD and burn it on a CD. If you are using Windows 8/10, you’ll be able to use your OS bootable version, If your PC doesn’t support CD you can also make a bootable Pendrive.

Then boot the pc with the CD/ Pendrive you made which has ophcrack. Ophcrack is absolutely automatic and you do not have to do something from your aspect. it’ll mechanically sight users and begin the positive identification recovery method. Then, it’ll show their passwords on the screen. you’ll be able to Hack into the windows.

Ophcrack recovers passwords nearly 99% of the times, The only disadvantage is that it has a limitation that if the password is more than 14 letters, you cannot recover it.

2]John the Ripper password cracker

Another free secret cracker that works on Windows, UNIX system and Macs, therefore it’s helpful for any mac or UNIX system user who wants perform recovery of password. Pretty simple to use and comes with smart directions, therefore the majority will follow on this script. If you would like a step by step direction on John ripper, See HERE

3] Offline NT Password

This could be a terribly tiny program, solely 3MB in size that you can burn to a CD and boot to. It’ll auto-detect the Windows installation and also the account names .

The program was recently updated after four years and currently supports cracking passwords.

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