How To Kick Off People From WiFi Network To Boost Your WiFi Speed?

by Ultron

Hey Hackers,
In This Blog, I am going to tell you how to Kick Off people from the Wi-Fi network. When using Wi-Fi in your computers or other devices and the other people who also uses the Wi-Fi network to download huge amount of data might lead to slow speed in your own devices, this could be a really annoying experience!
Also, this is a common problem when you are using Wi-Fi at public places like Cafe, Colleges or Universities, etc. So in this article I am going to tell you how to kick off people from the Wi-Fi network.

Let’s Start,

The need for this hack comes when there are a lot of people connected to the same Wi-Fi as you and due to this you are not getting enough speed. Now if you are an Admin and have the login credentials of the router you can login to the router and kick off the people from the Wi-Fi network. but if you are using someone else’s Wi-Fi and you do not have the login credentials for the router then you can use this method to kick off people from the Wi-Fi.

Bonus: If you don’t want the other complex methods and you have android simply download this app and kick-off people or limit their speed:
1] Pixel WiFi Blocker
2] NetCut Pro
{This app doesn’t work always, and requires root} So If you want a method with 100% success with details, Continue further…

So first of all you need to have a Kali operating system or you can also use Windows operating system to do it but due to dependencies and resources I will prefer using Kali Linux.


1) First of all you need to download the tool known as evil limiter. you can find the download link below also if you have a Git installed on your system you can just copy and paste the following command to copy the repository and run it.
Download: Evil-Limiter

git clone

2) Once you copied the GitHub repository of this tool you can proceed ahead by opening the folder and installing a file known as Keep in mind that the extension of the setup file is .py indicating that it is a Python file. Therefore you need to have a python3 installed in your system. Now just run the and just install the script and requirements.

3) Now that you have run file you need to type the following commands on your Kali Linux system to access it.

cd evillimiter /changing the directory

sudo python3 install  /Kali users can skip word 'sudo'

4) Now that you have install evil limiter on your system, it is time to get familiar with it by the commands and other details.

5) here are the few following commands that you need to know to use it.

6) Now that you have an idea about how to use the tool and the commands. these commands themselves explain very clearly but still if you don’t have that Idea you can continue to read forward.

7) Like always the first thing you need to do is to run a scan command on the whole network so that you will get the IP address MAC address host and status of all the devices connected to my network

8) Note that every IP address MAC address is prefixed by an ID that is 0,1,2 etc.. you have to use this to select and execute commands for specific IP

9) Now you can select the number which you want and you can limit the speed of that device or you can completely block them. You can use the command limit afterward followed by their host number and the speed limit by using limit command. you can Also use Block command to completely block them!
As follows:

10) To block the people simply type block and the host number. like limit commad.

Once you limit or block the devices you can go again and check the host and figure of the configuration is done for the devices is satisfactory or not.

That’s all !
You can Free all the connection limits and block Host’s devices By using The Following Commads:

Free all

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