• Handpicked Tools For Windows Customization.

    by Om P.
    3 mins read

    Everyone appreciates a clean workplace, but not everyone enjoys cleaning, especially when you want to devote every minute of your day to improving your performance and maybe earning more money at your current job. However, a cluttered desktop can occasionally overwhelm you and lead to tragedy when you try to find things. Trust me, I’ve been there, which is why I’ve dedicated this piece to assist you in successfully arranging your desktop. So without wasting any time, Let’s dive into the list of the apps! 1] Fences Do you have an excessive number of icons and shortcuts on your desktop but …

  • How To Bring Back “YouTube Dislike Button”!

    by admin
    3 mins read

    YouTube removed the “Dislike” Button! You may aware of this fact that YouTube removed the dislike button as well as the dislike count from their website and there is now …

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